Thalmic Labs Heating Up

Located in Downtown Kitchener, Thalmic Labs has secured 160 million dollars from investors to continue the company’s vision for the “next era of computing”. Founded on the now well-recognized Myo armband, which retails for about $260, the technology is now being used in over 150 countries, for both virtual reality applications and real-world tasks like training amputees. The armband senses muscle activity in the arm and processes that information to allow the person to control things likes computers or video games and beyond. In the case of Johnny Matheny who lost his arm to cancer, the Myo technology has bridged the gap between mind and matter.


“As the person thinks about moving their missing limb, a minute electrical impulse travels from the brain to the re-implanted nerves. Sensors in the armbands register the impulse, correlate it to the missing muscles, and trigger a motor in the prosthetic limb to move in a similar manner to the missing flesh and bone.”

As Thalmic Labs moves beyond the Myo armband, we are all eager to see what the University of Waterloo alumni come up with next. Since 2012, Thalmic Labs is not only changing the world of computing and technology worldwide, they are helping to solidify Kitchener on the technology map as a continually growing innovation centre.

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