Preparing to sell in September

August is an excellent time to squeeze in a few more weekends of beaches, cottages, or days trips to some of Ontario’s best little towns.

But if selling your home is on your mind, no need to be concerned about running out of time. Using the last of summer to tie up loose ends on the exterior of your home is ideal as you prepare for a fall sale.

This can include:

  • Adding attractive fall flowers, perennials, or shrubbery and taking advantage of sales at the nursery or hardware store
  • Making sure all downspouts are directed correctly and are working well
  • Giving your shed or front door a fresh coat of paint
  • Ensuring patio stones and other foot paths are stable, free of weeds and evenly placed to avoid trips and falls
  • Sweeping or vacuuming up leaf debris around your home and hidden in corners (this makes great bedding for the mice that want to join you as cold weather arrives)
  • Checking your foundation for cracks
  • Ensure that your flower beds are graded away from your foundation
  • Check your windows seals and caulking for peeling and shrinking

All these activities are much more enjoyable while the sun is shining. If you take a little time each week to attend to these areas, you’ll be on schedule for sprucing up the interior in no time.

If you’re serious about getting a good return on the sale of your home, make sure you partner with a REALTOR® as you prepare your home for sale. They’re in the real estate market everyday and will be able to provide a streamlined plan that works for you.

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