Make Sleep your Sanctuary for Success

I often discuss the value of sound financial and real estate decisions with my clients, but what about investing in the sleep that helps us make the right decisions both at work and at home?

Sleep not only makes you more receptive to learning and helps you focus your attention and stick to your motivations (Hello List of Things to Do for this Coming Week!), it also helps you more effectively manage the challenges of daily life whether it’s juggling groceries with the kids in tow or focusing on that deadline between making dinner and trying to get into some self-care routines.

The effects and benefits of sleep are long-lasting, including the health benefits of being able to be more mindful, calm and ultimately helping you lead a healthier lifestyle that will let you build strength both in your mind and in your mindset.

However, many of us struggle with sleep and one thing that is often overlooked when redecorating our homes is our bedroom. Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, people often invest in the kitchen, the living rooms and the bathrooms. Sure, those are all great for value and for entertaining your guests…. but what about you?

OK, so we might not have a snow peaked mountain to sleep next to but you get the idea right?

Maybe it’s time you made yourself a priority? Maybe it’s time you made shutting off the television, music, and phone at the end of the day sometihng you look forward to.

I mean, who doesn’t love getting into a hotel bed? That could be the feeling you give yourself everyday.

Make yourself a priority. Make your bedroom a priority. Invest in lighting. Invest in a good mattress. Invest in the best softest sheets that make you feel like you’re in a cloud. Invest in blackout curtains or blinds. Keep it dust free, clutter free, and make it your sanctuary.

If there is ever a time to do so, this is a pretty good year to start.

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