It’s the little things

I’ve always enjoyed stopping into my favourite coffee spot here in town. Every opportunity to meet with a friend, client, or soon to be friend or client, I would always invite them here — Red Circle Coffee located in the Catalyst 137 building on Glasgow Street.

As a big fan of architecture, good coffee, and natural light, you can imagine why I would want to treat some of my favourite people here. 

Before COVID-19 changed our lives in the last 3 weeks, I had meetings lined up here, and not only that, I would make personal time slots where I would just go to enjoy the people-watching and a good cup of coffee.

As much as I enjoyed these little trips and timeouts, I also know that I definitely took them for granted. Like many of you, I am missing the simple “please and thank you” when ordering my coffee, and watching the cute dogs that end up visiting and sitting quietly with their owners in the foyer here. 

I miss hearing the steady drone of people talking, laughing, dreaming up plans, implementing ideas and otherwise living their lives in this great city.

We always know that it’s the little things, but now I am missing that more than ever. Still, as we stay in our homes and only venture out to shops for the necessities, I am thinking about the following:

Do I want my life to go back to normal or better than normal?

During this time, which is not a vacation, but it is time out from our normal lives for many of us, I challenge myself to change the little things. The things we do daily. The thoughts we have daily. Because it is in the daily, little things that we repeat, where our success lies, and where our everyday lives. 

What would you edit out of your life when we are back up and running?

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