Homeowners: How to think like an investor

It’s a new year and a fresh start this January 2019 and I’m excited to get started with some solid info on how you can continue to grow your wealth even if you can’t buy a designated investment property at this time. Ready to invest like an investor? Let’s do it.

Today I’m going to talk about how you can continue to invest in your financial future and grow your wealth like an investor. Before I get started if you like what you hear, go ahead and like comment and subscribe! It’s always a good thing because it lets me know what info you guys are interested in hearing more about.

For many of you who have managed to purchase a home in the last couple of years in KW, you’re very well familiar with the squeeze of the market and mortgage rules. And of course this is true for those of you who are looking to buy this year!

While many of my clients who are current homeowners have been able to also purchase a second or third property as investments, it’s not always possible. After all we live in one of the top 20 best places to invest and buy in Canada.

Seriously, give yourself a pat on the back if you qualify to buy a home or have purchased a home. It’s hard work and a very real investment your financial, and personal freedom.

With the changing market and rates I hear this more often. So what can you do to continue to invest in property if you don’t qualify to buy a second one?

What you do is think like an investor. After all although you are technically a buyer, our investors are also buyers. Don’t short yourself.  The difference is your objective and how you think about it.

If you’re not able to purchase a second property at this time what you do is take advantage of paying down your mortgage with intention.

It sounds simple and obvious but often overlooked because well frankly it’s a big mountain to chip away at and sometimes it can be confusing.

There are three things you can do they can empower you and your bank account:

1. Switch to bi-weekly payments — paying every 2 weeks which adds an extra payment at the end of the year.

2. Add an extra $20 or $50 a month on top of your regular payments. Yes this makes a difference!

3. If you have a really nice grandma or aunt that still gives you Christmas or birthday money apply these seasonal windfalls to your mortgage.

4. If you got a raise or you get a great job that pays you substantially more than you used to get paid, consider keeping your lifestyle the same for a year and putting that extra money into doubling your mortgage amount for that year. This could be tens of thousands of dollars — or more.

The fact of the matter is that it may seem like a small amount of money that doesn’t seem to make a dent on your mortgage —  which is likely in the few…or several hundreds of thousands.

But what you’re really targeting is the principal — the amount of money that you borrow that the additional interest that you pay is based upon. When you reduce this amount, you start to really build your equity. Those extra payments go directly to paying down the principal.

Which is really what I’m getting to. When you build your equity it allows you to eventually borrow money to purchase another property had a later date if that’s what you choose to do or of course benefit from this equity when you purchase your next home. It’s like a type of personal bank that simultaneously allows you to put money “away” while also reducing the interest you pay on your mortgage. Every. Single. Payment.

Unless you have a savings account that gives you a substantial return with good interest rate or you’re a person who is very familiar with other stocks for investing, then this is a great way for you to continue investing and focusing on what you already are familiar with.

My number one recommendation when looking to secure a mortgage when you buy or when you refinance is to ask questions about their payment options. Not all lenders will allow you to prepay or overpay. And most lenders will have competitive rates that you can work with. This is also a great way to address being locked in at a higher interest rate without having to refinance.

Just remember: Building wealth is a very real and accessible thing when it comes to real estate. Don’t let it scare you.

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