Home Hunting Without Burnout

House hunting is exciting! Especially when starting out: you and your family will be fueled by anticipation, desire and enthusiasm – the raw ingredients of adrenaline. That’s what keeps you going.

But when viewing multiple homes in one day, maybe with fidgety kids and an empty stomach, you may begin to feel exhausted. When that happens, even the most ideal home can seem undesirable.


Since you don’t want exhaustion to result in a missed opportunity, it’s important to pace yourself. Here are some tips for doing just that!

• When it comes to endurance, everyone has their limits. If a child or spouse is looking tired, take a break. One person may be able to see a lot of homes in quick succession, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in the family has the same stamina.

• Never house shop on an empty stomach. Have a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner before heading out. But avoid the temptation to eat a large meal at a restaurant. It may make you feel sluggish and tired.

• If you have young children, find out where the local parks and playgrounds are located. These are great places to take a break and let the kids play for a while.

• Keep some bottled water and perhaps some light snacks in the car. You never know when someone’s stomach will begin to grumble.

If you’ve been house hunting for several weeks, all the homes may start to look alike. If this happens, take a few days off. It will help to restore your perspective!

Landon Schmidt
Landon Schmidt

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