Holiday Renovations

When it comes to the holidays, we love to put our best foot forward. So what are some easy updates that we can get done before our friends and family visit during the busy season? Here’s our Top Ten List of easy updates that will help you wrap on the to-do list and unwrap some fancy hors d’oeuvres!

1. Statement lighting – you don’t need an electrician to update your lighting. Just some common sense and a tutorial. YouTube or your local hardware store, or a knowledgeable friend can turn your dining room from ok to stunning.

2. Cupboard door knobs and pull handles – an afternoon of using a screwdriver couldn’t be more rewarding! Bring the style and even make a statement! There are so many options to choose from, you may find the biggest problem is deciding which style you’ll go with.

3. New bathroom mirrors – Go beyond plain builder mirrors and pick up a new one with a great frame, or even with practical storage. The return is immense and will help brighten up a small bathroom and definitely brings style points.

4. Replace door handles – Are your door handles worn, loose or simply ugly? There are many new finishes available including oil-rubbed bronze, brass and brushed nickel. You’ll also find that the lever varieties make it easier for those with mobility issues get around easier.

5. New curtain rods – Curtain rods help set the tone to a room. Do an upgrade and make a statement with a substantial, good quality curtain rod to really showcase a great room or dining room. Your family will feel extra luxurious and they won’t know why.

Happy holidays!

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