Editing is your friend

Sometimes, when people think of staging their home as one of the first steps to selling it, they underestimate the advantages and impact.

While your home may be well decorated to your standards and preferences, this doesn’t mean that a fresh approach may not be helpful (or even necessary)!


One of the biggest factors that can hold back a sale is the sheer amount of stuff that people tend to keep in their homes. Items used daily make sense, rather it’s the items that haven’t been used in years that are overlooked as people get used to them or have trouble leaving the past behind.

Here are 5 of the worst offenders. If you decide to keep these around, you are kicking yourself in the home-selling butt by losing money and valuable time.

1. Unused children’s toys that languish on display in vacant bedrooms, attics, or fill closets — Have your children grown, gone to college/university and moved out? Donate that old rocking horse and those trucks. Let another child enjoy new memories with their new find.

2. Extra furniture — You don’t have a place for them, and you don’t plan to take them with you when you move. Not only do they rob your home of floor space, often these pieces do not match with your decor and take away from the final presentation. Plenty of local charities in Waterloo Region will come by and pick up free furniture donations as long as you schedule them in advance. During the summer they may be booked up, so maybe borrow a friend’s truck and drop it off at the charity yourself.

3. Old candles — If you have several candles that are partially used and look a little sad, maybe save those for a power outage or put them away to use when your home is not on display. This is also important if your candle is not to scale, such as having a tiny tea light on an expansive dining table.

4. Trinkets galore — As much as you might love silk or acrylic flowers, small porcelain figurines, or ceramic dolls, it’s best to put all or most of these away. They’ll not only date your home, but they collect dust, distract home buyers from viewing the space, and let’s face it, might make some people uncomfortable.

5. Anything that blocks a walk way, door way, or window — These areas are important parts of your home that buyers will experience when they visit and impact the overall flow and layout. They want to feel good in the space and having to squeeze around furniture, boxes or appliances that are awkwardly placed makes for a less than advantageous situation. If there’s a window, make sure it can easily be seen and allow light in as much as possible.

Those are the big editing points to attend to in your home as a seller, so if you’re willing to put in the elbow grease and care about the sale of your home, it can mean the difference between “sold” and “stress”.

Cindy-Lou Schmidt
Cindy-Lou Schmidt

Broker / Manager
Cindy-Lou is a dedicated Broker/Owner and REALTOR® based in Waterloo who is proud to serve her hometown and community. She is adamant in the value of home ownership both for the financial and wealth benefits, but also as a foundation of healthy communities. With 7 years in the real estate business, and as a private investor since 2005, her experience and strategic approach to homes sales has been pivotal in building loyalty with her clients over the years.

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