How to have an effective final walk-through

Once you fall in love with a home and decide to buy, you’ll want to make sure that it’s in the same or similar condition once you take possession. Whether it’s a fixer-upper or an immaculate luxury home, the point is that, you’ll want to get what you bought.

That is why you’ll want to have an effective final walk-through. A final walk-through is an appointment that your agent will book within 24 hours of your closing day when you legally take possession of the home. The idea is to get the appointment as reasonably close to the time in which the responsibility for the home will shift from the seller to you.  Because once you take possession, that  burner that blew on the stove that you didn’t check is now your responsibility.

During the final walkthrough, you’ll want to be more purposeful that the previous in which you may have measured for furniture or show family and friends your new home. Why? Because the final walkthrough has a purpose!

The purpose of a final walkthrough is to go through the home and check to ensure that everything is working as it should. Fixtures such as toilets and faucet and drains should be checked to make sure they are operating correctly (no one wants a toilet that doesn’t work on moving day!)

You’ll also want to check for any apparent damage that has happened since the last time you were through with your agent. For example, while we can expect some minor scratches and bumps during the process of moving and normal wear and tear from the seller living in the home, there are things you’ll want to definitely take note of. For example, say the seller had to move their giant CRT television that sat in Grandpas bedroom floor since 1983. If say, someone lost their grip and it came careening down the stairs and into the foyer a wall—that’s something you and your Realtor will want to address. (Remember when televisions were furniture? :D)

A final walk-through is not a time to be needlessly paranoid, but it is a time to be purposeful and prudent. Your REALTOR will be happy to help inform and guide you through your final walkthrough appointment, but ultimately as new potential homeowner it is good to become familiar with a home and everything in it because you’ll be the new owner in just a few hours.

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