About Schmidt & Company

Our success is based on our proven systems that drive real, measurable results for our clients using a systematic and customized approach to buying, selling, and owning real estate in Waterloo Region. How do we do that? Competence. Integrity. A strong understanding of our local market dynamics, and a pride for professionalism.

We believe in keeping things Simple. 

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
— Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

In this modern world, we work to empower our clients and our REALTORS® with the mindset of knowledge.

But, just having information and knowledge is not what is powerful — the power is in understanding that information and applying it effectively to find and implement the solutions that give results.

This is where we shine in the marketplace. 

Real Estate. Simple.

At our core we aim to provide you with an experience that is transparent, supportive, and powerful. You should be informed, empowered, and feel at the end of each experience that we made real estate, simple.

Schmidt & Company Inc., Real Estate Brokerage
Schmidt & Company Inc., Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate. Simple.
4-180 Northfield Dr W, Waterloo ON N2L 0C7

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