About Us

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It all began with the belief that things could be different.

In 2013, Landon Schmidt and I began something that grew more valuable and rewarding than we had ever anticipated. We took our investor roots and turned it into our careers as real estate agents who wanted to approach business — and people differently. In those days, paperwork was still largely pen and paper but as time went on, we worked to become more digital, more accessible and more information-sharing savvy.

Along the way, we’ve produced our monthly newsletter, now called the Homeowner’s Handbook, and were early adopters of technology and digital and real estate strategies that have given our sellers and buyers the market edge throughout the last 7 years.

On a Tuesday in March 2020, we turned the key on our Brokerage and never looked back. Little did we know that we were about to enter a worldwide Pandemic quarantine for over a 100 days.

Throughout it all, we could not have been more grateful to have made the decision. Why? Because it was an informed risk with the belief that we have the power to make things better for clients, our community and ourselves. This philosophy has not let us down throughout this unique experience of the the last few months.

Every day we are in business, we aim to help bring freedom, wealth, health, and happiness to our buyers, sellers, and homeowners, and agents.

Life can be different. Business can be different. Our approach can be different. And we did that by keeping our core values at the forefront of everything we do.

  1. We’re elevating lives through real estate.
  2. We help people make smart real estate decisions.
  3. We make real estate simple.

We’re proud to call Waterloo Region our home and look forward to many years of serving our community.


Cindy-Lou Schmidt
Broker of Record/ Realtor®