A time for reflection and change

Since I am spending more time at home than out in the world lately, I’ve had more time to reassess how my home is set up and if it’s serving me. I think about the luxuries I wish I had installed in the past—a hot tub or a really luxurious jet tub in the bathroom. 

But I’m also reassessing how we use our space. Is there enough room? How can we think about our space differently? Am I really using rooms and space for their highest and best purpose that suits my lifestyle? 

I encourage you to do the same. Our home as we have probably come to find affects our mental health—many will notice that a messy surrounding is a good reflection of how you’re feeling emotionally and physically.

Changing the layout of furniture, or changing the paint colour, or even something as simple as changing your curtains from dark ones to light ones can truly make a difference in your space. So if you’re having to adjust to working from home, playing teacher with the kids, or having to designate some quiet space, we are starting to use our homes in new ways.

Maybe after all of this you’ll find you actually need less space than you thought and downsizing could be an option. For many others, having an extra room, or a home office can suddenly become the escape for thought you’re looking for at the end of a busy day out in the world.

Either way, what’s important is that your home reflects who you are and your lifestyle, because aligning to your wants and needs can help you go further with your focus and drive at work, but also bring more calm and peace to your relationships and those you love.

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